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Cloud management tool which allows you to do all your business activities completely online: invoicing, costs, clients, collaborative agenda…


Tool that allows you to administer entry and exit times of your employees according to the working hours control laws. You will be able to supervise your employees with an APP instaled in their mobile pones, in the website or just by placing a tablet at the entrance of the office.


Cloud management application ADAPTED to your machine LEASING and RENTAL company needs


Cloud tool which allows you to manage housing communities in an easy way, adapted to your needs


Our touristic packs management tool. It allows you to not only administer the packs, but also to present them directly in the online shop to your potential customers


Your cloud solution to your inventory problems. It will detect and suggest the orders you need to do automatically, applying artificial intelligence.


ControlBOT, a complete HRM time recording solution, allows you to:
- Supervise your employees’ working hours.
- Use geolocation for supervising this working hours
- Make reports of the hours
- Manage holidays
- And more…


rentalGRID is your solution to manage leases of machines. It allows you to:
- Manage the inventory
- Control the use: petrol, repairs, counters…
- Automate regular invoicing
- Collect machines
- Manage payments
- Have a dashboard of your sales and of your machines rented
- And more…


travelGRID is a complete cloud management application which has the following modules:
-Online shop to present your touristic packs
- Program the packs availability
- Configuration of the packs services
- Price control, number of places and orders places
- Invoicing
- Payment management
- Customer traking
- And more…


comunidadGRID is a management cloud tool for companies that administer housing communities. It allows you to:
-Manage neighborhood communities
- Control the properties and houses of the communities
- Manage the houses’ owners
- Automate regular invoicing
- Administer the income and costs of the communities
- Manage the monthly payments and extraordinary expenditures of the communities
- Manage bills and expenditures
- And more…


SmarBotStore is a cloud application that uses artificial intelligence to manage all the inventory needs of your company:
- Order management
- Automatic order suggestions
- Control of the inventory needs
- Warehouse and entry/exit control
- And more…

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